Class Descriptions

Ashtanga-based Flow

This class follows the classic Ashtanga structure of Sun Salutations, Standing Asanas, Series (Primary/Intermediate etc.), Finishing and Closing sequences but will include selected poses from both Primary and Intermediate series. *Note – this practice begins with Sun Salutations (modifications are welcome and encouraged). For those who prefer a few minutes to do some preliminary stretching or other movement we recommend arriving a few minutes early.

Restorative / Yin

The shapes of many Restorative and Yin asanas are similar. This provides a unique opportunity for a varied approach within the practice, taking deep stretches where you need them most and soaking up the rejuvenation of the restorative poses. Options and instruction provided for both where applicable for a truly tailored approach for YOUR body and your needs in the moment. Suitable for all levels.

Just Yoga

Hatha yoga All Levels. Primary focus alignment and a mix of asana without flow, music, or other encumbrances. Some breath work within the framework of the asana, and explanation and discussion as warranted.


An ideal combination of work and rest, this class starts with a slow flow vinyasa practice and finishes on the mat with the opportunity for some deep stretching as well as restorative asanas. All levels welcome.