Class Updates, Fall Schedule

The South Bend Museum of Art has generously offered to host us while building repairs are completed. Don’t miss the chance to practice in such a beautiful space! A few things to keep in mind:

  • We are in the gallery off the back/riverside hall, directly across from the restrooms.
  • While this is quite convenient, they are public restrooms; please plan accordingly if changing before/after class (there is plenty of room in the restroom to change).
  • The museum is closed on Tuesdays; those attending class Tuesday evening can enter through the Century Center.
  • The start time for Saturday’s Vinyasa class has been moved up to 10AM while we’re at the museum. It’s a great opportunity to step out for coffee or tea after class and return to walk through the galleries.
  • Parking in the Century Center lot an entry through that door will usually be the best option.
  • Please continue to bring your own props during this time. We will bring a few from the studio just in case.

The fall schedule starts 5 September, with a switch from Restorative/Yin and Nidra on Mondays to Unwind on Wednesdays. Unwind is a blended practice. It begins with slow flow vinyasa to warm the body and let go of the day, and finishes with an opportunity for some targeted stretching and restorative asanas, shifting the focus inward. Missing Yoga Nidra? No worries, we incorporate it into Unwind regularly as well! Feel free to request it at the beginning of class.